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1 Mar

The analogy that I chose to demonstrate Multiplicity is that of color guard, more specifically one in which I participated in 2005.

These shows are all about Multiplicity. The number of members, all doing the same choreography, wearing the same costumes is a precise example of Multiplicity at its finest in aesthetic form.

This Winterguard show depicts, in my opinion, a great sense of connection among not only the color guard members, but a connection between the guard as a whole and the audience. The connection is so strong because of the emotional reaction elicited and because of what each person identifies as their individual moment within the show.


It is the repetition, the Multiplicity of the hard work, the music the dance and other elements that come together to create a show that is not only multiplied in its views on video but it is multiplied in the minds of every member because of its special meaning.