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28 Feb

The emblem I chose to explain Visibility is a rainbow.

A rainbow exemplifies Visibility because of obvious reasons having to do with color, but also because of its distinctive and circumstantial appearances.

To draw on the graphical element of color that I have chosen to represent Visibility, and simply put, there is no Visibility without color, especially in the physical world. A rainbow is characterized by color, it is what we base our color wheel on and is the presentation of our visible spectrum of light in its natural form. A rainbow is color, and that certain combination and order of colors are a rainbow.

In regards to the circumstantial appearance of rainbows, its Visibility requires specific meteorological conditions, a certain combination of precipitation or saturation in the air through which light shines to reveal the rainbow at certain angles. Rainbows are not visible unless these conditions are present, and even still a specific angle is required for Visibility of the scientific phenomenon.

While rainbows are relatively common and can be explained scientifically, they are still unique enough to be appreciated for their phenomenalism and are recognized by humans as a reminder to appreciate the beauty and Visibility of nature and all its colorful glory.