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Quick: Cornell

22 Apr

My experience of Cornell in terms of being quick will be reflected in my blox as things that represent time, the passage of time, and other things that are relative to brevity.

Going along with my first aesthetic, I will include a clock, and this will be the basis for the content of my blox, for time is the basis of all being and the means with which we measure our lives. I will also include a picture of an old click camera. These cameras capture pictures with the press of a button and capture a moment in time that we would like to preserve. The instantaneousness with which these cameras function is an example of the speed with which this story passes, as well as the memories upon which the tree reflects in her time without her friend.

Also included in my blox to represent quickness I will include water. Water has the ability to travel at high speeds because of its liquid form and as a child I spend a great deal of time playing outside in the water- in sprinklers, the pool, lakes and streams in the mountains. As the boy has memories with the tree that come to him in an instant of quickness, so do I have these memories that are related to my experiences playing outside in the water. Finally, I will include a swing in my blox to represent quickness. Just like the boy who swung from the trees branches, I swung on the swings of the numerous playgrounds I played on as a child. This was one of my favorite past times because I felt free and felt as though I was flying like a bird high in the sky. Swinging was truly a magical experience for me as a child and I have a great deal of memories spending my time soaring back and forth, using my imagination to take me away to make-believe places, just like the boy.


Quick: Experience

22 Apr

Not only is The Giving Tree light and exact, but it represents the quality of being quick very well. There is no delay or hesitation to the story, no drawn out sequences of action that keep the reader from experiencing the true movement of the story in reasonable time. The book is  a concise, exact and quick read. This is another quality in which synchronicity is demonstrated. Although there are only a short 25 pages, most with only one line, the story spans the entire life of the boy in close to three minutes- if read leisurely. The reader is seemingly deprived of details of the in-between times of the boy’s life, however, I choose to see the gaps in story or the brevity of the content as an opportunity for the imagination. The mind must act quickly if it is to fill in the gaps between pages, as each sheet represents a number of years passing between one’s fingers.

This is the kind of book that is over quickly and that one wants to read again, but the feelings caused by reading this story remain for such a period that the soul and emotional palette need a time for recovery and to process what just happened in such a short amount of time. My personal experience with The Giving Tree in terms of quickness is such that it has forced me to think about the speed with which life passes us by. In so many ways, our lives are long and take thousands of days to pass us by. However, all those of older age express to the younger generations the speed with which time flies and the way one wakes up one day and realizes the majority of their life is behind them. In reading this story, it can be understood that the boy’s life seems to pass him by a great deal faster than does that of the trees. The tree endures a life of waiting for her friend to return and enjoy her happiness which in turn provides the tree with happiness. It does not require a great deal of time to understand that this is the basis for their relationship, and this brevity or quickness is a huge contributing factor to the success of this story- such power and emotion evoked with the definition of conciseness.