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Multiple: Cornell

22 Apr

For my “multiple” blox to represent a similar work of art as Cornell made, I will include a number of things that are repetitive to represent the nature of The Giving Tree¬†and that spark personal memories to which I can relate. Cornell’s process was such that he drew on memories and personal experiences to create his art. The things I have chosen are also¬†relative to emotions that I associate with the feeling of multiplicity and the feelings I gathered from this quality in the book.

As a result of the emphasis that the multiplicity creates, and the warm feeling I have from the story, I have chosen to include a picture of the sun to represent warmth. However, while this is a good story about a boy and his relationship and the happiness they share together, it is also an emotional story that displays the true sadness of someone who gives unconditionally and doesn’t receive much in return. This, therefore also creates a sense of sadness. This juxtaposition of emotions and synchronicity is why I will also include images of rain so as to imply the sadness that the tree and audience both feel. Both the sun and the rain are available and come in abundant forms- in multiples even- and therefore are appropriate for this application. I will also include apples because of their abundance when the boy collects them from the tree to sell for a profit. As a similar item to which I can relate from my childhood that I sold in great number, like many children, is lemonade. Finally, the inclusion of Easter eggs is one last element that represents a childhood memory of something coming in the form of multiples. Easter eggs are a symbol of happiness that the adults typically hide for the children to find. The more eggs, the more chance of being rewarded a greater number of times and the more exciting the game.

I feel as though all of these items are worthy of enlistment as they are a part of my memory bank from childhood, as many of Cornell’s are as well.


Multiple: Adaptation

21 Apr

When thinking about adapting the story in terms of maintaining a sense of multiple or multiplicity, I am interpreting it in a literal sense where certain elements are repeated, and not just overly wordy or expressive. I feel as though the “scenes”, or parts of the story when the boy begins to come and go are repetitious and therefore represent the actions of multiplicity. Not only is what happens when the tree invites the boy to come and do what he had done as a child, but the actual wording as it is exact and repeated from before:

“Come, Boy, come and climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and eat apples and play in the shade and be happy.”

All of these phrases are exact from what happened when the boy used to partake in these activities. The trees invitation is in itself a repetition because she is remembering something that already happened and she is longing for it to happen again.

Also demonstrated through multiplicity is the tree’s willingness to give and give and give until she can’t give anymore. She gives her leaves, her apples, her branches and her trunk. This unconditional generosity is also a strong example of an element of the story that is represented in a form of multiples. If made into a short film, this series of actions when the tree gives all she can would all be filmed in the same way with the climax when she is all alone with nothing left to give. The resolve when the boy finally returns and is just looking for a place to sit and rest is not only the conclusion but is the final repetition, the final element of multiplicity.