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Quick: Cornell

22 Apr

My experience of Cornell in terms of being quick will be reflected in my blox as things that represent time, the passage of time, and other things that are relative to brevity.

Going along with my first aesthetic, I will include a clock, and this will be the basis for the content of my blox, for time is the basis of all being and the means with which we measure our lives. I will also include a picture of an old click camera. These cameras capture pictures with the press of a button and capture a moment in time that we would like to preserve. The instantaneousness with which these cameras function is an example of the speed with which this story passes, as well as the memories upon which the tree reflects in her time without her friend.

Also included in my blox to represent quickness I will include water. Water has the ability to travel at high speeds because of its liquid form and as a child I spend a great deal of time playing outside in the water- in sprinklers, the pool, lakes and streams in the mountains. As the boy has memories with the tree that come to him in an instant of quickness, so do I have these memories that are related to my experiences playing outside in the water. Finally, I will include a swing in my blox to represent quickness. Just like the boy who swung from the trees branches, I swung on the swings of the numerous playgrounds I played on as a child. This was one of my favorite past times because I felt free and felt as though I was flying like a bird high in the sky. Swinging was truly a magical experience for me as a child and I have a great deal of memories spending my time soaring back and forth, using my imagination to take me away to make-believe places, just like the boy.

Multiple: Cornell

22 Apr

For my “multiple” blox to represent a similar work of art as Cornell made, I will include a number of things that are repetitive to represent the nature of The Giving Tree and that spark personal memories to which I can relate. Cornell’s process was such that he drew on memories and personal experiences to create his art. The things I have chosen are also relative to emotions that I associate with the feeling of multiplicity and the feelings I gathered from this quality in the book.

As a result of the emphasis that the multiplicity creates, and the warm feeling I have from the story, I have chosen to include a picture of the sun to represent warmth. However, while this is a good story about a boy and his relationship and the happiness they share together, it is also an emotional story that displays the true sadness of someone who gives unconditionally and doesn’t receive much in return. This, therefore also creates a sense of sadness. This juxtaposition of emotions and synchronicity is why I will also include images of rain so as to imply the sadness that the tree and audience both feel. Both the sun and the rain are available and come in abundant forms- in multiples even- and therefore are appropriate for this application. I will also include apples because of their abundance when the boy collects them from the tree to sell for a profit. As a similar item to which I can relate from my childhood that I sold in great number, like many children, is lemonade. Finally, the inclusion of Easter eggs is one last element that represents a childhood memory of something coming in the form of multiples. Easter eggs are a symbol of happiness that the adults typically hide for the children to find. The more eggs, the more chance of being rewarded a greater number of times and the more exciting the game.

I feel as though all of these items are worthy of enlistment as they are a part of my memory bank from childhood, as many of Cornell’s are as well.

E-Lit Example

22 Feb

The E-Lit example I chose to demonstrate Visibility is “Entre Ville” by J.R. Carpenter.

This short narration is about what is assumed to be a group of children who live next toand play in an alleyway and have done so for eight and a half years. They own a dog who sniffs his way up and down the alley, chasing after and retrieving an orange ball. The way in which the story is told is through the most vivid of details to the point where a great sense of Visibility is achieved.

For example:

“Let’s say our dog walk us up and down this alleyway three times a day. That’s eight-and-a-half years up and eight-and-a-half years down. Nine thousand three hundred laps of toenails clicking on the cracked concrete. Tail zigzagging, long tail wagging, long tongue lolling, dog tags clacking. Ears open, eyes darting, nose to the ground.”

Just within this short excerpt the reader gets a sense for what this dog does every day, how he does it and what he looks like doing it. Almost every sense is employed by the reader because of the implied and explicit details. The smell of the ally, the sound of the dog’s nails clicking and tags clacking, the prance of the dog, and one can almost feel the wind blowing through the ally.

The aesthetic I feel from this piece of E-Lit is almost a sense of nostalgia. Memories can be so vivid that clothes, places, patterns, colors, scents, weather and any  number of other elements can be remembered because they are ingrained into our memories through their vivid presence and therefore represent Visibility in our mind’s eye or imagination.