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E-Lit Example

22 Feb

The E-Lit example I chose to best exemplify Multiplicity is Nio by Jim Andrews.

As previously mentioned, I feel as though Multiplicity can be largely characterized by invoking a sense of being overwhelmed due to the volume of subjects compacted into a small piece of literature. This work of E-Lit creates a sense of being overwhelmed because of everything that is happening at once. It is a wheel of sounds that can be layered with up to five different versions of a capella voices. Not only are the sounds stacked and repeated, but so are the corresponding characters that match each sound. Due to the intense composition of sound when five are layered, after only a minute or two the “song” is almost unbearable. This is similar to the weight of detail provided by Gadda in his work.

As an experience, it provides a sense of Multiplicity in a literal sense because of the layers upon layers of icons as well as sounds. Each layer is a patter of repeated voices and differing rhythms, so that when they are layered together it is impossible to find the initial layer or pattern of voices, like the literary work of Gadda and his Multiplicity.