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25 Feb

An emblem I chose to describe Lightness is a feather. Aside from the common expression, “light as a feather,” I do believe that a feather embodies theĀ epitome of Lightness.

Not only are feathers light on their own accord but they also enable birds and ducks to achieve the ultimate status of lightness: flight. This attribute is enough to exemplify the reasoning behind a feather as an emblem of Lightness, however, I prefer to focus on the feather as a single unit, exclusive of its function for flight. The feather is almost weightless when held and when floating through the air flutters down to the ground in an unpredictable and slow drifting manner.

Despite the structural integrity of a feather, its lightness remains, and its structure is what allows it to be light. The simplistic structure of the feather brings to mind Lightness because the simpler something is, the less complex or cumbersome, and therefore the less it weighs, if only conceptually or hypothetically.