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28 Feb

The analogy I chose to explain Visibility is the sense of relief felt when the airplane breaks through the clouds on decent and the ground is visible again after a flight.


When riding on an airplane, even though the length and relative smoothness of the ride almost allows passengers to forget that they are thousands of feet in the air, it is almost inevitable that upon descent a great sense of relief is felt when the plane breaks through the clouds and the ground is visible. In my mind, the Visibility of the ground is one of the greatest senses of relief, especially for those who have a fear of heights. Visibility in this sense provides a feeling of safety and comfort. It is something familiar and therefore welcoming.

This analogy not only represents Visibility in the literal sense because of the ability to see the ground, but also represents excitement in the span of colors that is newly visible, different from the vastness of blue, white or black that are the sole colors in sight when flying. I have previously mentioned that I feel as though Visibility can be equated in a way with excitement or stimulation and because of this, I feel the excitement of knowing that one is close to their destination and close to the ground for others is attributed to this Visibility of the ground.



28 Feb

The graphical element I chose to best represent Visibility is color.

Color is a part of our lives that many of us take for granted. It is how we perceive the world around us, it defines, instructs and differentiates all of the things that we use or come into contact with every day. Without color, our lives would be bland, like a neutral palate of colors- much like a black and white movie.

While color does not define the Visibility of objects, it does enhance our aesthetic experiences and vivify our individual worlds. As a generation having grown up with color TV, watching black and white movies or television creates almost a sense of anxiety, like we are deprived of something. I know personally, I can only stand to watch something black and white for a few minutes, without reaching for the remote to change the channel, no matter how engaging the story is.

Color was then a luxury, it is now a “necessity” and to imagine life without color, especially in the film entertainment sense, is to imagine life with no excitement or spontaneity. I feel as though Visibility can be equated with excitement and therefore I would like to draw a comparison to say that without color, there is no Visibility in our lives.