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20 Feb

The emblem I chose to best represent Quickness is the internet. In a world where everything is moving toward instantaneous results and information, the internet is a perfect emblem for the quality of Quickness.

Cell phone companies compete for who has the fastest service, internet browsers are updated often, even multiple times a year, saying that they’re faster, better, more reliable. In this sense, Quickness is an underlying motif of our 21st century mentality and lifestyle. Calvino recognized this and in his narration briefly explains how the beginnings of technology revolutionized the world in his time, and 26 years later, we are even more advanced that he could have possibly imagined.

The invention of the internet provided us the convenience of the world at our fingers in an instant. With search engines like Google and Yahoo, it doesn’t matter that millions of pieces of information are clouding the digital space that is the World Wide Web. They have the capability of sifting through unfathomably great amounts of information in milliseconds and give us what we want to know. This, in my mind, is the ultimate emblem for Quickness because the internet provides all the information that we could want to know in a few seconds with a few clicks of a button.