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Multiple: Cornell

22 Apr

For my “multiple” blox to represent a similar work of art as Cornell made, I will include a number of things that are repetitive to represent the nature of The Giving Tree and that spark personal memories to which I can relate. Cornell’s process was such that he drew on memories and personal experiences to create his art. The things I have chosen are also relative to emotions that I associate with the feeling of multiplicity and the feelings I gathered from this quality in the book.

As a result of the emphasis that the multiplicity creates, and the warm feeling I have from the story, I have chosen to include a picture of the sun to represent warmth. However, while this is a good story about a boy and his relationship and the happiness they share together, it is also an emotional story that displays the true sadness of someone who gives unconditionally and doesn’t receive much in return. This, therefore also creates a sense of sadness. This juxtaposition of emotions and synchronicity is why I will also include images of rain so as to imply the sadness that the tree and audience both feel. Both the sun and the rain are available and come in abundant forms- in multiples even- and therefore are appropriate for this application. I will also include apples because of their abundance when the boy collects them from the tree to sell for a profit. As a similar item to which I can relate from my childhood that I sold in great number, like many children, is lemonade. Finally, the inclusion of Easter eggs is one last element that represents a childhood memory of something coming in the form of multiples. Easter eggs are a symbol of happiness that the adults typically hide for the children to find. The more eggs, the more chance of being rewarded a greater number of times and the more exciting the game.

I feel as though all of these items are worthy of enlistment as they are a part of my memory bank from childhood, as many of Cornell’s are as well.


Exact: Cornell

21 Apr

For the development of a blox through the instructions of Cornell for exact, I have reflected on what things are exact about The Giving Tree and how they make me feel. One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of being exact is a ruler. Although there is nothing specifically mentioned about a ruler in this book, the specificity of word placement and clarity that each page has because of the white space has influenced me to want to include a designer’s rule which is clear and includes different measurements of points and picas. These types of rulers assist in the placement and spacing of text and because of the text’s involvement as a portion of the art work, I feel as though this is important. I have learned about these rulers from school and have kept the knowledge with me through notes and practical use- in reflection of how Cornell himself relied on personal experience and memories.

The next item that I will include is an old-fashioned typewriter. Although this is similar to a ruler in is meaning or symbolism, it is still different. These typewriters were unique in that each letter had a lever that was unique to it, and when the button was pressed, the lever would extend in a rapid and forceful motion. As a child I had experiences with an old typewriter and enjoyed pressing the buttons to see the levers come out and type words on a page. This book was not printed with an old fashioned typewriter, however the precise placement of the words reminds me of how exact a typewriter’s actions must be and therefore will be a prominent element in my blox.

Another item that brings to mind exactness is a tuner for musical instruments. Without precise intonation, instrumental music does not sound as it should. Finally, I will include a saw in my blox image because the boy uses a saw to cuff of the limbs of the tree and takes them away. A saw is an instrument that provides precise actions as well as an exact cut when used properly. As a perfectionist, I can relate personally to the use of a saw as a tool to get things accomplished correctly.

Were it not for the exactness of letter placement and the hand drawings the reader would gather a completely different experience, and it is because of those things that I have associated precision and the necessity to include tools that ensure this type of achievement.

Light: Cornell

21 Apr

The composition of a blox based on the work and guidance of Cornell around The Giving Tree in terms of the quality of being light, I will draw upon things from my own childhood that give me memories of lightness that are also found in The Giving Tree. The first thing that comes to mind is leaves. Not only are leaves an epitome of the quality of being light, but they are a large aspect of the story- they are much of the tree as the picture on the pages, as well as a prop for the boy when he makes a crown and builds his house. Another item included in my blox for light’s quality will be a child’s blanket. This is for both personal reasons and because of the boy’s adolescence in the book. When I would young I had a blanket that I loved. It was the perfect weight- just light enough to be snuggly and comforting while at the same time providing the comfort of warmth when I was cold.  Part of my synthesis for the holes in the story is the boy at home with his family. I can imagine that he would also have some kind of a blanket, as many children do.

The concept of being light can also, in my mind, represent a state of happiness. Therefore, I will include a flower, more specifically a daisy, because flowers make me happy. This is something that I imagine being around as a wildflower in the forest where the tree grows and where the boy plays. As a child myself, I spent a great deal of time playing outside and enjoying the outdoors. As another component of lightness implied in The Giving Tree to which I also relate are clouds. As the boy is outside playing in the shade of the tree, one can imagine that the sky is filled with sunlight and big, pillowy clouds.

For all of these items, I have reflected on the aspects of the story to which I relate that represent lightness. I have relied on nostalgia as well as prior knowledge that has been acquired over my 22 years of living, along with my 17 years of education. Like Cornell, this reliance on both physical and mental notes and the collection of items surrounding specific emotions have allowed me to compile this blox as I have.