A work or site on the internet I feel is representative of my work on my E-Literature blog is Twitter. This site is a collection of thoughts, stories, postings, experiences and feelings. It is for this reason that I feel is represents not only the work of Cornell, but also can help to explain the work and depth of The Giving Tree.

As a website with hundreds of thousands of threads of information, there needed to be some way to categorize and keep this information somehow organized by topic. As such the creators of Twitter came up with the hashtag system whereby users can place a number sign (#) in front of a word or phrase that they think other people are also using for their Tweets so that if someone else searches for this topic, these Tweets will be recalled all together.

For example: “I love the book #TheGivingTree.”

Twitter also represents the work of Cornell and therefore my blog because it is a massive collection of individual thoughts that are all categorized by these hashtags. They are individual thoughts, expressions and feelings of millions of people, but are still in one place and kept in an organized fashion.

Twitter is an example of how The Giving Tree is a part of my blog because Twitter users are some of the most loyal internet users in the world. They spend a great deal of their time on this site, and as it is one of a kind, like the tree in the story, the users will keep coming back here to share their online experiences and “play” in the realm of the internet.

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