The process for composing these memos at first may seem cumbersome. However, as one learns more about about his or her personal method for working and thinking, it does come rather easily.

First, begin with Calvino. This part is easy because it is the first assignment of the class. Take note of how he writes, how he interweaves his thoughts, theories and feelings into the works upon which he is drawing examples. Keep track of how he defines each quality as this will be important down the road. Also note his emblems. They are either processes or physical elements that exemplify the memo on which he is lecturing. These kinds of examples will help when thinking of your own.

Next, I would set up your WordPress account and create the outline for your posts, meaning make each category and within each category create a new post for each of the five things Professor Ulmer instructs us to include. This will make the overall process easier, especially when writing at different times on different memos. Organization is extremely important and this will help to streamline the whole process.

I would then start at the beginning. Who are you? What are your personal characteristics and attributes? In some ways this is the most difficult part because you are forced to verbalize thins that you otherwise never think about in a concrete way. I wrote my About section in short choppy sentences because I feel as though if I ramble there, then readers may be turned off from the rest of my works.

Finally, dive into the memos. I would suggest working on each one, one at a time by section (Calvino’s definition, your E-Lit example, the graphic, the analogy and the emblem). This creates continuity in your thoughts and allows you to expand on what you have written and also to go back and change things as new or better thoughts come to mind. ALWAYS BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORK. WordPress does have an autosave function, but do not rely on it.

While it is important to include what the author, creator and/or designer has said that they feel about their work, do not neglect to include how you feel, how you see it. This is a project based around aesthetics- thoughts, feelings, emotional reactions. It will behoove you to look at things in a new light and expand the constraints of your mind so as to reach new realms of contemplation and understanding.

Aside from these few pointers, this really is an individual assignment and you will find your own ways. Get started early, with plenty of time because this is the type of assignment that really can be enjoyable, and if rushed you may look back and feel like you could have done better, had you allocated to it more of your time.

Good luck and happy writing.

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