I have much enjoyed the process of creating learning screens instead of writing a research paper. While research papers in some ways personify the college experience for students, or at least they do in my mind, I have found it to be refreshing and enjoyable to incorporate new realms of technology in the process of writing composition. As an advertising major who spends much of her time in the realm of the internet, as well as trying to keep up with the latest technological trends in the methods of communication, it has been an exciting to use the application of a blog in academia.

In terms of process, there have been a number of similarities between writing a research paper and writing a blog. First, there is the process of the “research.” Although for the blog we are not really performing “research”, we are still reading and taking extensive notes on which to draw conclusions and analyze the work in comparison to other pieces of work. Second, and probably most obviously, the writing. Both pieces of work involve extensive writing in a literary form in which conclusions are drawn and references are made to the pieces of work to which the paper or blog refers. Finally, each piece of work allows for creativity on the part of the writer. Even with specified instructions, it is ultimately up to the writer  to take creative liberty as far as organization, topics within the overall topic or subject as well as writing style.

While there are the above similarities, there are also a number of differences. The most obvious is formatting and location of final outcome. The learning screen is called such because of its location of publication- on the internet, while a research paper in its final form is printed as a hard copy. Another difference is that learning screen allows for interactivity as well as the inclusion of multimedia like sound clips, videos and links to other websites. This is one reason why I have thoroughly enjoyed this project- because it allows for the capability to show and not just tell about what is being written. Finally, the relief that comes when a writer realizes that they do not have to present all the information with references, footnoted or parenthetically, for a works cited at the end. The learning screen has provided the opportunity to express what is in the mind or the heart, and how I personally feel about and interpret the material. It is the aesthetic that is important, and that, as a personal feeling, is something that can not be documented.


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