The print work of literature I have chosen for the second portion of my blog is The Giving Tree. I have chosen this work not only because of my experience with it as a child, but also because I feel as though it is an extremely adaptable piece of literature for multiple reasons. The movement of the storyline as well as the emotional connection that is established between the tree and the little boy, and between these characters and the reader provide for various themes to which readers of all ages can relate.

As a child I remember reading this book and enjoying not only its message of generosity and the nature of giving, but also because I could relate to the little boy’s adventuresome personality. I shared similar interests of playing outside in trees, swinging from branches and using my imagination. I also knew that because of the friendly green color of the book, I could always find it on my bookshelf or at the library, and I loved the experience I had each time I read it because I related to the friendship and meaningful experiences within the story.

As an adult, however, I have found that this “children’s” book is not really a book for children at all. Of course they can relate to the little boy and and his friend who is a tree, the “adventures” they have and the relationship they share, but the deeper meaning is what is found in the tree’s relationship to the boy. He is an unconditional lover, a true friend, a provider and truly gives his whole heart and all of his happiness to the boy. I relate to and connect with this story for that reason. I have the personal characteristics of unconditional giving and wanting others to be taken care of and happy even before I am myself. I can feel the love the tree has for the boy and the happiness he wants to provide in every stage of the boy’s life.

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