E-Lit Example

25 Feb

The E-Lit example I chose to represent Quickness is Code Movie 1 by Giselle Bieguelman. I feel as though this is a perfect example of the quality of Quickness because of the obvious and explicit rapidity of the code’s movement. A unique feature of the E-Lit work is that although each “image”moves and transforms extremely quickly, the desired effect and position is achieved so that the viewer understands what each frame is.

Not only is the work itself a representation of Quickness, but so is the concept which is being represented by this piece of work, that of computer processing. Computer processing is a series of events in the hardware of a computer that works with the software component, to decode a message and perform and action, thus creating a series of events or “storyline.” This is similar to what Calvino says about Quickness and its ability to move a story along and bring together different characters (or run different software programs, perform simultaneous actions on a computer) in story as well as determine their relationships, as demonstrated by the tale of Charlamagne.

The busy-ness of the piece is a perfect representation of what happens in the process of a computer’s many actions and directly parallels the speed and continuity of multi-faceted stories in literature.



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